We think it’s time to help the world’s angriest birds fight back, which is why we’re promoting and supporting BirdLife International’s Preventing Extinctions Programme. You can help by playing this new Angry Birds game, making a donation and showing you’re ‘getting angry’ about extinction too.

Birds are disappearing forever...

The natural rate of Bird extinction is one bird per century but now it has increased to more than 500 times that. Read more about the threatened species BirdLife International is helping to save and how you can help.

Get angry and fight back

By making a donation today, you are joining a unique community who are leading the fight to save the world's most threatened birds. Donating here is simple, fast and 100% secure.

Help the birds in danger

  • Philippine Eagle
  • Northern Bald Ibis
  • Seychelles Paradise-Flycatcher
  • Araripe Manakin
  • Fiji Petrel
  • Liben Lark
  • Spoon-billed Sandpiper
  • Sociable Lapwing
  • Chinese Crested Tern
  • Hooded Grebe